Merchandise Solutions

Our Vision

Our Mission

  • Make beautiful and meaningful products.
  • Experts in t-shirt and apparel manufacturing.
  • Building a design focused and friendly team that is tech oriented.
  • To offer seamless online customer experience.
  • Focused on ethical sourcing and responsible manufacturing.
  • To be the first company in Malaysia to make sustainable fabric manufacturing affordable to all.

We Are Saltycustoms

Our business started as a pet project, manufacturing good quality, well-fitted t-shirts for companies. As the market responded positively to our products, we focused on producing retail-worthy apparel for the masses.
Now, we are strategically venturing into “tech merchandizing”. We believe there are more innovative ways to create custom apparel in the 21st century. We are expanding our range of services to serve customers of all sizes, from an order of 1 piece to 300,000 pieces.
Manufacturing has done a lot of damage to the environment, and we want to innovate the old, obsolete ways of the industry. We aim to save cost, resources, and time. As a result, creating a positive impact on our planet.
Finally, we believe in providing social value to our "SaltySquad", who are on this incredible journey with us.
Thank you for believing in us, and welcome to the revolution.

Breaking Down Our Identity

SaltyCustoms Identity


Our Story