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Our Core Values


We are passionate when it comes to thinking out of the box. We are driven to evolve and to keep pushing the boundaries of innovation.


We believe that the only constant is change and improvement. We aspire to continuously push ourselves, personally and professionally.

Intrapreneurial Spirit

We treat the company as our own. We will use the company as a vehicle to drive us to our dreams.

Self Governance

We highly value self-discipline and self-mastery in our everyday life, all in the name of being the best version of ourselves.


We do everything with trust, togetherness and respect. We always have each others’ backs.

Make It Fun

We believe in owning our experience. We want to ensure that our journey is enjoyable and guided by a bigger purpose.

Our Story

We believe that growing a business is a marathon instead of a sprint. We have been taking small but strong steps to create a solid foundation for our business, delivering products that are consistent in quality and services that are unrivalled.