6 Things To Consider When Looking For A Well-Fitted T-Shirt

The better a t-shirt fits, the more often someone would want to put it on. And that translates to greater exposure for your brand.
If we were given a dollar for every poor-fitting t-shirt we’ve seen someone wearing, we would have enough money to fund every Kickstarter project available. T-shirts have evolved to become such an essential piece of apparel that most people fail to realise this very important fact – good or bad style is largely determined by the fit of a t-shirt.

Being a custom t-shirt company that serves primarily corporations and businesses, our commitment has always been to educate our clients that the t-shirts they use for marketing purposes – be it 100 pieces or 100,000 pieces – should be made to fit well. The reason is simple: the better a t-shirt fits, the more often someone would want to put it on. And that translates to greater exposure for your brand.

But, what makes a t-shirt fit well?

1. The Shape

Stay away from t-shirts that have a ‘boxy’ shape, as they will make any kind of body look awfully awkward. Instead, opt for t-shirts that are cut in a way that follows the shape of the body slightly, or better still, perfectly.

2. The Size

To find out if the size of a t-shirt is perfect for your body is simple. If you can comfortably pinch 1 to 2 inches of fabric on either side of your stomach area, you have found the perfect size.

3. The Length

Unless you are in the market for a cropped top or a nightgown, your t-shirts should end somewhere around the mid-crotch.

Saltycustoms created Signature Fits to cater to different body types. L-R: Skinfit®, Regularfit, Chicfit, Juniorfit.
4. The Shoulders

Ideally, the shoulder seams should align with where the shoulder ends. Avoid shoulder seams that are positioned too close to the neck or upper-arm.

5. The Sleeves

The perfect sleeve should hit around the upper-arm, and they should hug the arms lightly.

6. The Neck Opening

For crew necks, if the collar looks stretched or if parts of the shoulder can be seen when wearing a t-shirt, that means the collar is too loose. The rule of thumb when it comes to v-necks is to never ever let the bottom point of the ‘v’ extend beyond the top of the armpits.

L-R: Crew Neck (also known as Round-Neck), V-Neck. Image: ASOS

If you would like to learn more about the fit of a t-shirt, or if you have any questions about t-shirts in general, speak to our Apparel Consultants today. You may email us at sales@saltycustoms.com or contact us at saltycustoms.com

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