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Sustainable T-Shirt

Manufacturing has done a lot of damage to the environment, we want to innovate the old and obsolete ways of the industry by focusing on sustainably-sourced materials. From organic materials, and recycled materials to ESG-friendly manufacturing processes, this is the SaltyORIGINS Sustainable Range.

SC Green Activewear

From trash to premium fabrics, we give plastic waste a new life and bring you not just another JERSEY, but a meaningful piece of clothing.

SC Organic

Organic cotton t-shirts use only about 10% of the usual 2,700 liters of water it takes to produce a single T-shirt. Produced without synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers and pesticides, taking less of a toll on the environment.

Soft-touch fabric

Breathable / cooling

Minimum Order Quantity
300pcs Lead Time: 5 - 6 weeks
Available fabrication:

Recycled Microfiber

Organic Cotton

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