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Ordering company apparel has never been easier
For the longest time, businesses faced the pain of consolidating large amounts of apparel, often relying on “guesswork” when it came to ordering.
Now, our new Smart Sizing Platform allows you to:

Order for Your Entire Company

Our platform lets your employees order apparel online, from any department or office, anywhere in the world.

Consolidate Sizing

Say goodbye to guessing what sizes to order. Employees can order their own apparel in their exact sizes.

Reduce Wastage

Wrong sizes, over/under-ordering and deadstock are things of the past, with accurately-consolidated sizes.

What We Do

“Working with Saltycustoms has been a breeze, especially with the implementation of their online ordering system. It made the whole process a lot easier for a large organisation like IE Singapore. It was a seamless experience, especially for us to receive orders from 39 different cities worldwide. The Saltycustoms team was very professional, taking feedback enthusiastically to improve the user experience. We look forward to working with them again!”

WHP Team, IE Singapore


Is there a minimum order quantity for this platform?

Our minimum order quantity is typically 5,000 pieces.

Do I have to pay for this platform?

Saltycustoms is providing the platform free of charge to the first 100 customers. It will be chargeable soon.

Is this a pre-order? Do I need to buy the shirts for my employees beforehand?

Yes. The Smart Sizing Platform serves as a tool to assist companies to consolidate their employees’ sizes with just a few clicks.

I would love to use this platform, but my company only has 1,500 employees.

We would love to work with you too! Please contact us at for more information.

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